I designed a 6-month guided journal and promotional website (see here) for the Founder's Journal. 
The Founder's Journal entrepreneurs months of data to monitor progress, avoid repeating mistakes, and find encouragement to keep pushing.
Our challenge was to create a tool for entrepreneurs to turn failures into knowledge & inspiration for the future. Journals can be purchased at Spurstartup.com
My roles in the project demonstrate my ability to handle a project from conception to fulfillment....
1. R&D: Studied the top entrepreneurs and their methods for tracking success and staying positive.  
2. Competitive Analysis: Researched other popular journals and goal tracking methods. Dove deep into customer reviews to learn first hand what they liked and didn't like. I used this data to help us create something unique in the market that filled a niche. 
3. Creation: Helped develop metrics and data points for the Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily planning and review periods.
4. User experience: Designed layout, flow, and structure. 
5. Design: Designed all pages, graphs, & goal logs. 
6. Image Creation: Created all quote images to give the journal a creative, inspirational feel. Created sales imagery and social promotion imagery as well. 
8. Web design: Designed our sales website (here) and all imagery within. 
7. Sourcing & Fulfillment: Researched & found a publisher/printer and set up e-commerce order system.
8. Private Labeling: worked with Paycom to create custom branded versions (see below) to be used as an internal team management tool.
Here is an example  of the a promotional image I designed that dissects the journal from a high level.
Private Labeling
After the creation of the Founder's Journal we we approached by a few parties interested in white labeling the Journal as an internal management/team building tool. Using the built in review periods as talking points in weekly meetings.
Below is a an example of the Private Label we did with Paycom as part of their internal Leadership Train program, L.E.A.D.
(We updated quotes to reflect those from management at the company, and instructions to focus on leadership and intrapreneurship in addition to the design of cover of the Journal.)

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