Owner, Designer & Co-Founder of CuffedUp & SPURstartup
Through my experience over the last decade as a designer, entrepreneur, & working with companies from startups to Fortune 500 organizations, I’ve learned essential project management skills & developed self-discipline & motivation to design at the highest level. I have managed international teams in three countries on UI/UX, product development, & video production projects. I also have experience in product design where I filed two patents (for a medical device & fashion accessory). My companies & their products have been featured in several outlets including RealSimple Magazine, Rewardstyle, Good Morning Texas, Startup Week, & D Magazine.
I can’t be an expert in everything so I have built a partner network of developers, identity specialists, copywriters, illustrators, videographers, photographers & ad buyers to best serve my clients.
Who We Work with...
Chameleon works in a wide variety of industries including fashion, tech, education, real estate, architecture, & more. Always with an eye on the lookout for new challenges & clients that resonate!
*This includes the brands the founder has also started.
Fitting Your Needs
Since we create branding guidelines for companies, we know how to implement existing guidelines regardless of the client or project. We successfully provided this for both Fortune 500 companies & small businesses alike. Depending on your needs Chameleon can function as an extra set of hands for a wide variety of projects that a typical design team may not have the bandwidth to do, or as a full design team if your business does not currently have one.
Why Work with us?
We work based on extensive research & analysis of stakeholders, objectives, & project constraints. Doing the due diligence upfront allows us to move through a project quickly with limited re-work because there are clear expectations to measure against. This keeps budgets in check & goals on track.
As you’ll see below & throughout this page our scope of mediums & styles makes us true design Chameleons.
We offer standard pricing for all clients who have consistent design needs prevents allowing you to avoid surprise expenses and variable monthly expenditures. We also offer project-based and hourly billing for clients based on current design needs.  
Non-Profit and Small Business pricing options are available upon request.
Looking at a few of the projects outlined below, you'll discover that I do not have a single “style” or medium. My versatility makes me a great candidate for positions that are not limited to a single skill set. A little more about my specific skills:

Brand Identity, Logos, Color Pallets (See: CuffedUp, Frasch, Spur)
Web Design (See: CuffedUp, Spur, Renovion, Bully Blocker)
Product & Packaging Design (See: CuffedUpLouisiana Hot Sauce Concept, Bully Blocker)
Calligraphy & Typography (See: Joy of Cooking Concept, Franklin Electric Concept)
Hand Craft Materials (See: Anthropologie Concept)
Financial Data & Deck Design (See: Bio Fund Capital, Chegg Internal Training Materials)
Graphic Design, Promotional Materials, Images, etc. (See: Chegg & 49ers PartnershipCuffedUp Cufflet VideosSpur, CuffedUp Editorial Images)
As you look through my portfolio, I hope you take the time to read my commentary on projects in the highlights section. I believe a designer's work can speak for itself visually, but I enjoy sharing how I got from point A to point B (and C, and so on).  
Thank you for your consideration. 
Thank you!
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