#BeKind21 + Chegg
Every year Lady Gaga's foundation, BornThisWay, promotes 21 days of kindness in an effort spread kindness to everyone. Chegg, a fortune 500 company that provides services to college students, asked me to create custom branded assets to participate in 2020. In addition to base assets, I created a branded calendar for employees and students to track their acts of kindness. 
Pictured below is a branded promotion where we took the #BeKind21 branded and updated the color palette, fonts, and visual language to better fit Chegg's brand.
Next are the instructions and calendar for tracking the acts of kindness preformed over the 21 day period.
I also made assets for people to use on story posts to share their acts of kindness on a weekly basis. Branded in the event esthetic blended with a ruled page to list the acts of kindness, staying true to the student focused culture of Chegg.
Finally, a sample of the Social assets that were customized and branded for Chegg.

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