Unlocking the American Dream - Industry Report
For this project I was tasked with the typesetting, layout and data visualization for an industry report issued by my client Chegg, a Fortune 500 company that provides services to incoming and current college students.
The challenge for this project was find the the balance of the fun student forward branding that Chegg typically has and the academic seriousness of the data being presented. Leveraging the brand colors and icon language that Chegg has I was able to find the optimal blend. I also had to design the document with pop downloadable PDF and print in mind this added some challenges as well that were overcome by a fluid page structure, center footer notes, and minimal full color pages for those printing it at home on person printers.
Social and Web Assets
As part of this project I made the images need in the various size for the Chegg, Press Releases, and Social awareness of the report.
You can download the full report from Chegg.com by CLICKING HERE.

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